Our aim is to produce organic and sustainably grown rice, for the benefit of the health of people and the environment.

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Old Shitada Village

The village of Shitada is located in the middle of the Echigo Plain. It forms part of the area of the jurisdiction of Sanjo City. The village consists of a narrow valley surrounded by mountains on all four sides. This kind of area is called yamazato in Japanese. Shitada has a long history dating back to before the Nara Period (AD 710-794).

It is famous for its mountains, greenery, and the purity of its water. Especially around the areas of Yagihana and Yamanote, the beautiful landscape is preserved in more or less the same form as it has been for centuries.

The landscape and lifestyle of the area have been shaped by their long history and the deep snow that the area experiences every year. The landscape of the area looks like the traditional landscape of Japan that has formed a part of the Japanese consciousness of what Japan is. In a country that has unfortunately has lost so much of its traditional landscape, it is one of the areas that still retains this.

Act Locally

All our food production is done on the premise that it should be sustainable, and able to be carried on by generations to come. In order to continue sustainable production, we use organic farming methods. These methods allow us to protect both human health and the environment.

One of the most important things to consider in production is what we are actually eating as a result.
This creates a new connection between people and food. Through this, people can discover new ways of living and ways of improving their lifestyle.

Brand Name: the Origins of the Name Wadachi

Tetsuji Morohashi

He was a famous scholar of Chinese characters (kanji) born in Shitada Village. He was granted the Order of Merit for Culture, and is one of the most famous sons of Shitada. He edited all 13 volumes of the Dai Kanwa Jite, the famous kanji/Japanese dictionary, thereby helping to strengthen the foundations of kanji culture, on which Japanese culture is based.

Therefore, we decided to take the name of this famous scholar (Wadachi is an alternative reading of the first Chinese character of his name), who loved his hometown so much and was so passionate about his scholarly research, combining that with our hopes for the future of our food production.


Our Mission

  • To create a network and a community dedicated to diversity, reliability, sustainability and giving beauty a value.
  • To produce and supply safely-grown agricultural products through environmentally friendly production methods.
  • To build up a network that unites both producers and consumers in a creation of common values.
  • To build up community ties and revitalize the local community by encouraging local residents to take part in related activities.
  • To use traditional methods to produce tools and items related to food of this kind.

If there are items that we need in order to achieve our goals that we cannot obtain locally or new ideas that would be difficult to achieve just by working in our own area, we explore the options of obtaining what we need from other areas in Japan or abroad, thereby achieving the highest quality and safety possible.

Our Ethics

We have various principles governing our producers, the areas of production and methods used, processing, and distribution. We choose our production methods, what we produce and related items carefully, taking into account the burden we impose on the ecosystem and the environment.

In the EU, Bio means organic.
In the countries of the EU, even in supermarkets in small towns, you can find a corner selling bio products. The awareness of consumers in general is high, and buying these products is nothing out of the ordinary.
We hope to help Japanese consumers to reach the same level of consciousness, and ensure that bio farming and other products become more widespread, and
allowing us to live a more sustainable and better lifestyle.


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