Our aim is to produce organic and sustainably grown rice, for the benefit of the health of people and the environment.

Limited Quantity and Limited Period Production Items

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Our products are categorized using colored labels.

Limited Quantity and Limited Period Production Items

All our products are locally produced and consumed seasonal products. Our products are limited in quantity and season of production, but we work in collaboration with the farmers that produce them to ensure that our products make best use of the quality of the soil they are grown in, to give them the best flavor possible.

■ Dried persimmons (Pack of 5)


Dried persimmons  Pack of 5
Dried persimmons  Pack of 5

These persimmons are a flat-seeded type that are produced organically. After being peeled, they are dried naturally for 50 days. They are shipped wrapped in rice straw. They have a delicate sweetness and are succulent to the core. They are similar in taste and flavor to Japanese traditional sweets.

■ Fermented black garlic (Pack of 3 bulbs)


Organically grown garlic. It is planted in September and harvested in July of the following year. The bulbs are then fermented for 30 days in temperatures of 65℃. The garlic has a texture like dried fruit and a small amount used in salads and stews etc. adds a subtle flavor. The garlic also has anti-aging properties and is an excellent fermented product.

The bulbs are medium-sized, around 40g and 50mm in diameter.

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