Our aim is to produce organic and sustainably grown rice, for the benefit of the health of people and the environment.

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Our products are categorized using colored labels.

Imported Organic Products

The amount of organically produced agricultural produce and products in Japan is not large. Therefore, we also import high-quality organic products from other countries.

■ Italian Organic Products

Vegetable spreads and peperoncino imported from Italy.
They are all products certified as organic by the Organismo di Controllo (the body controlling the certification of such products) and as bio products by the Ministry of Agriculture.

Crema Carciofi Bio

Artichoke Bio Spread

This spread has a bean-like creaminess and and a pleasantly sharp aftertaste.
The usual way to eat it is on bruschetta, but it can be used in many ways in many dishes.


Artichoke 70%, virgin olive oil 27%, salt, citric acid
Manufactured by Artigiana Genovese
120g jar size 55 x 85mm(h)

Crema di Porri

Leek Spread

A spread made of highly nutritious leeks.
The usual way to eat it is on bruschetta, but it can be used in many ways in many dishes.

It is a very unusual spread to find in Italy.

Leeks 65%, potatoes 19%, malic acid 13%, virgin olive oil, pepper, cane sugar, cloves,

200g jar size 55 x 110mm (h)

Sirissi Peperoncio Bio
Sirissi Peperoncino Bio

Sirissi Chili Peppers Bio

Specially selected chili peppers for making the classic pasta sauce, alio olio e peperoncino. They are produced in Sardinia. Top quality chilies that are perfectly dried, and have just the right degree of spicyness.

Chili peppers produced by Tolli Ltd.
Tolli Ltd. Sardinia
200g pack size 135 x 90 x 30mm(h)

■ Natural Products from Mongolia


Honey imported from Mongolia.

Natural Honey from Mongolia

Honey imported from the Khalkha region of Mongolia. Honey is a natural food with a variety of properties. Recently it has been found to aid sleep and aid the production of growth hormones during sleep. A pleasantly sweet tasting and mildly-flavored honey.

250g hermetically-sealed jar

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