Our aim is to produce organic and sustainably grown rice, for the benefit of the health of people and the environment.

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Name of Company and Managing Director:

WADACHI Co.,Ltd.  Hideaki Yamatani


■ Main Office and Shop
1191 Shimoora
Sanjo City
Niigata Japan 955-0191
Tel/Fax: 0256 46 3301


4-22-6 Taito
Tokyo Japan 110-0016
Tel: 03 3832 3242
Fax: 03 3832 3243

■ Italy
Via Aldo Moro 5
20090 Cusago Mi
Tel: 371 300 3058

■ Wadachi Rice Factory
447-3 Shimoora
Sanjo City
Niigata Japan 955-0168

Business Outline

The sale of organic products and specially-cultivated agricultural products using more than 50% organic fertilizer.
The sale of limited production (amount and season) of vegetables, fruit, processed food, and carefully selected imported products.

■ Certifications and Qualifications
・Rice Sommelier
・Certified Organic Agricultural Product Retailer
・Eco Farmer Certification number18909 Niigata Prefecture

About the Wadachi Rice Factory

About the Wadachi Rice Factory

Facilities and production capacity:

Total area : 1,079 square meters
Drying capacity : 60 tons
Storage capacity for unmilled rice : 60 tons
Milling capacity : 600 kg per hour (3,000 kg per day)

■ Facility Certifications
・Rice certified as a Specific Production Agricultural Product by Niigata Prefecture
・Produced by the Kome Network Cooperative recognized by Niigata Prefecture
・Agricultural product inspection facility (Rice)

About the Wadachi Rice Factory

About the Wadachi Rice Factory
About the Wadachi Rice Factory

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Specially cultivated Koshihikari brand rice grown by Wadachi:
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