Our aim is to produce organic and sustainably grown rice, for the benefit of the health of people and the environment.

Specially-cultivated Koshihikari brand rice grown by Wadachi:

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Specially Cultivated Rice

From ancient times, rice has been the basis of traditional Japanese food culture.
Rice cultivation began in the Yayoi period, and our ancestors, who over the ages have made great efforts to adapt rice cultivation to changing times and circumstances, have left us with an enduring rice-cultivation based culture, and a landscape of beautiful rice fields.

The basis of our rice culture is the harmony of the soil, water, and plants.
Rich soil and pure water are the basis for producing safe, delicious rice.

轍米|轍ファクトリーセレクトSpecially Cultivated Rice

The area where Shitada Village is located is renowned for its mountains, abundant greenery, and pure water. The area is the preserve of an ancient and beautiful natural landscape. 90% of the surrounding mountains are covered in natural forest. This and the water that flows into the rice fields, which has just the right degree of oxygen concentration for rice cultivation, makes it an area ideal area for rice growing.

The temperature difference throughout the year is more than 36℃, and the temperature drop between day and night in summer is more than 10℃.

The considerable difference in temperature helps the photosynthesis of the rice plants which in turn builds up the starch content of the rice. This is the main contributor to the nutritional value and flavour of the rice, which means that the rice grown in Shitada is extremely full of flavour.

新潟県三条市下田郷轍WADACHI米コシヒカリSpecially Cultivated Rice

The Koshihikari brand rice grown in Shitada makes up approximately 1% of the total grown in the Chuetsu district of Niigata Prefecture.

The rice from this area has a reputation for its taste. However, cultivating rice in a mountainous area like Shitada is not easy and, as a result, the amount of rice that is produced is limited. Therefore, rice produced in Shitada has a reputation as a rare brand of delicious rice.

Our Wadachi brand rice cultivation is based on the use of organic fertilizers, and reduced use of pesticides and herbicides. Therefore, we are producing rice that does the least damage possible to the ecosystem. By taking advantage of the natural environment, rich soil, and the pure water of the area we cultivate in, as well as the time and effort we put into our rice production, we are able to ensure a regular supply of the Koshihikari brand rice produced in Shitada to our customers.


The Koshihikari brand rice cultivated in Shitada Village, Sanjo City, Niigata Prefecture is recognized as an organically-cultivated, limited-production rice brand.

100% of the fertilizer we use is organic fertilizer approved by Niigata Prefecture. We have also reduced the use of chemical pesticides and herbicides in our production by more than 83%. The rice is therefore approved by the prefecture as a specific-cultivation agricultural product.

We take great pride in the taste and quality of our product named Wadachi Rice.


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Specially cultivated Koshihikari brand rice grown by Wadachi:
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