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Kitchen Ware and Table Ware

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Our products are categorized using colored labels.

Kitchen Ware and Table Ware

We also sell functional kitchen ware made from superior materials, and beautiful and classic table ware. We hope that using these items will take you back to a time when the pace of life was slower.

■ Dried Bonito Shaver

Dried Bonito Shaver
Dried Bonito Shaver

Dried Bonito Shaver

A dried bonito shaver made using traditional techniques. The dried bonito flakes are shaved using a plane.
The angle and depth of the plane blade is are carefully adjusted by a craftsman before being shipped.

Using this shaver it is possible to enjoy freshly shaved bonito flakes that will give a superior flavor in cooking.

Size: H 125 W 100 D 260mm

Takasan Brand
These shavers are produced by Takasan co. ltd., established in 1946.

■ Megumi Brand Tableware

Megumi Brand Tableware
Megumi Brand Tableware

Rabbit Pitcher

Inspired by the Peter Rabbit jug.
The design on the pitcher is painted in one color and features a fairytale-like illustration.

Size: H 175 W 105 D 140mm

Herb Pasta Plate

A simple pasta plate with a beautifully colored design on a white background.

Size: H 35 Diameter 215mm

Megumi Kobayashi
After studying art and design at a Japanese university, she went to Spain to study pottery.
After returning to Japan she opened a studio called La Puerta, in order to create pieces that fuse both western and Japanese elements.

■ Iron Table Lamps

Iron Table Lamps
Iron Table Lamps

These lamps use the potential of the material they are made from to its fullest to create a classic modern design.

Astorolabio Solar System Candlestick

This candlestick is made of parts welded together, with the welds deliberately left visible. The layers of metal of the piece create a vibrant texture.

Material: iron
Size: H 460 W 210 Diameter 165mm


SAS Candlestick

The top of the candlestick uses the traditional metal casting skills famous of Sanjo, and the base is made of cut oak.
Material: iron, oak
Base: H 120 diameter 90mm
Top:  H 70 diameter 25mm


It is a studio with bases both in Milan and Niigata. It is an art collective that designs with the theme of the beauty of life.

■ Glass Tableware

Amiese Glass Tableware
Amiese Glass Tableware

Made of stained glass that uses old glass and traditional techniques.


The light reflected through the stained glass gives off a pleasant glow. It is small enough to fit in the palm of your hand, but has a wide base making it stable and easy to use.
Material: glass
Size: H 80 W 80 D 80mm

Designed by Amiese

Table Lamp

A stained glass lamp made of red glass. Just displaying it on the corner of the table, gives an elegant atmosphere to any meal.
Material: glass
Base: H 230 W 170 D 170mm
Shade: H 160 W 170 D 170mm
Power supply: AC100V

Designed by Amiese


Amiese is a glass manufacturing workshop creating objects made of stained glass.


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